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Scuba the Pacific Day Trip

(Description below provided by Panama Divemaster directly)

Dive the beautiful waters of Panama's Pacific coast! We are offering a 2-dive boat trip leaving from Panama City. Your trip begins with a quick trip to our Panama boat facility on the shores of the Panama Canal. There you will board one of our custom dive boats to head off to your first dive. Our dive boats are foam-filled for buoyancy, equipped with all the proper safety equipment (oxygen, first-aid, radio, etc.), and set up to maximize comfort and efficiency.

Led by experienced dive professionals, you will experience diving on rock formations and walls around Isla Otoque and Isla Bonar. These dives are special because of the abundance of fish. The water is typically darker and cooler with more nutrients in suspension which supports a vibrant food chain from the barely visible plankton up to large pelagics and aquatic mammals. Swarms of Chromis and small baitfish are herded by schools of jacks. Spotted Eagle Rays fly in formation just at the edge of visibility. Deeper and hidden in the holes, we have seen Goliath Groupers cruising around looking for a quick cleaning. The water is typically in the low-80s F and we select sites based on best conditions for the skill level and interest of our customers.

During the surface interval, we usually go for a nice boat ride around the islands and tuck into a quiet bay for some light refreshment before heading to the second dive site. After an action-packed second dive, we head back to our boat facility to rinse off and sign logbooks before the relaxing ride back to Panama.

These dives are tide and current dependent. We typically try to assemble the group at least 2 hours prior to a slack high or low tide so we can maximize the comfort and safety of the dives.

$125 / person

Air-conditioned land transportation, boat transportation, dive equipment, snacks and beverages, professional dive guide and boat captain.

What to bring:
Bathing suit, towel, hat, sun block, dive/snorkel equipment.

6-7 hours total from Panama City. Pick-up & Drop-off from The Executive Hotel. Times will vary based on the tides.

Min / Max: Min of 4 / Max of 12 persons per trip. Note... if less than 4, even just 1 person , LET US KNOW YOUR PREFERRED DIVING DATES... We run trips almost daily and can most likely accommodate you.

Note: Diving is always contingent upon weather and sea conditions. The times for the trips depend on tidal exchanges we typically like to meet 2 hours prior to a slack high or low tide.

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To quote this tour, or to get more information, email us at the following email. Please include your name, planned tour date(s), and number of people in your party. We will respond very promptly. Thank you.

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(If you have any Panama tour questions in general, feel free to write us as well!)

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